Service Request

Heritage Telecom can be contacted 365 days a year, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. We offer a 3 hour response on major service outages. Our staff is trained and certified on all equipment in our product line to ensure professional and quality support.

If you have a service request please fill out the service contact form at the bottom of this page.
If you have an emergency, or would like to speak to a LIVE person
Please CALL 888-818-4868.




Heritage Telecom believes in up-to-date technology and tools which can improve and enhance a business experience. We will do everything possible to ensure that every project is completed to 100% satisfaction. Our goal is to create and maintain long lasting business relationships that will endure past today's technology. We stand behind our performance and take pride in your satisfaction.




Regardless of whether you need a complete system overhaul or a simple software upgrade, Heritage Telecom believes in taking the time to properly communicate during all stages to ensure a successful implementation of your entire system.

We are your single point of contact for managing your installation project and are your main contact for all action items related to an install including:

    • •  Engineering
    • •  Site Surveys
    • •  Equipment Tracking
    • •  Systems Installations
    • •  Budget
    • •  Implementation Support
    • •  Carrier Coordination and Support
    • •  Pre and Post Installation Reviews
    • •  Network Assessments

We will provide a defined scope of work and implementation plan jointly developed with you to ensure a smooth transition. They are experienced in the challenges that frequently plague installations and are responsible for the ultimate success of each project.



No office is too small for network cabling. All companies have an ever expanding need to electronically share knowledge and information to remain competitive. The value of network cabling is:

    • •  We use the same cabling system for all your communications equipment to ensure consistency
    • •  Moving a connection or adding a device is done with simplicity in mind
    • •  Have the ability to add video conferencing, multimedia and other advanced technologies at any time
    • •  Troubleshooting your problems are easier to isolate, easier to fix, and won't down the entire network



Peace of mind. That is what we offer with our multi-level Service and Maintenance Agreements. We will customize your Service / Maintenance Agreement to your needs. This will give you the peace of mind that if something does ever happen, you are covered.

Telecommunications systems are more reliable than ever. They're also more complex and vulnerable to a wide range of performance concerns. Outages can range from a few minutes to hours or days. If you lose order processing or the ability to communicate with clients, or freeze employee workflow, you're effectively closed for business.

Having a maintenance agreement, could be very important to your business and customers, should a problem arise in your communication network. A Service Agreement protects you by reducing the time needed to get you back in business.

Depending on how you customize your Service Agreement, you will receive value added services and support. Choices of your protection can range from:

    • •  Coverage of all parts and labor at discounted rates
    • •  Technical Support
    • •  Priority Service
    • •  Free Remote diagnosis and repair of problems right from our office if available
    • •  Assistance with telephone service provider problems